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Movement plays a very important role in the working of FCI as well as in fulfilling the objectives of Food Policy and National Food Security Act.

FCI undertakes movement of foodgrains in order to:

  • Evacuate stocks from surplus regions
  • Meet the requirements of deficit regions for NFSA/ TPDS and Other Schemes
  • Create buffer stocks in deficit regions

Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh are the surplus States in terms of wheat procurement vis-a-vis their own consumption. Punjab, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh/ Telengana, Chhattisgarh and Odisha are surplus States in terms of rice procurement vis-à-vis their own consumption. Surplus stocks of wheat and rice available in these States are moved to deficit States to meet the requirements under NFSA/ TPDS and other schemes as well as to create buffer stocks.

On an average 40 to 42 million tonnes of foodgrains are transported by FCI across the country in a year. FCI undertakes massive movement operation of foodgrains all over the country encompassing around 1906 FCI owned & hired depots/Slios, 557 rail-heads (owned by Indian Railways and others) and 98 FCI own sidings.

Movement Plan is prepared on monthly basis keeping in view:

  • Quantity available in surplus regions
  • Likely procurement
  • Vacant storage capacity both in consuming as well as procuring regions
  • Monthly allotment/ off take of foodgrains